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08 July 2007 @ 04:07 pm

[21] Contest Icons
[18] Fashion
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addiction? i think so.Collapse )
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06 July 2007 @ 08:25 pm
I thought this was such a cool idea. I totally stole it, though :) First saw it done by kimouski  .

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24 June 2007 @ 11:13 am
Since a few people asked how to use actions, I'm writing a small tutorial on how to make and use photoshop actions. I use Photoshop CS2, so I'm not sure how this will translate to earlier versions. There is also a diagram of the action window at the bottom of the tutorial.
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23 June 2007 @ 10:55 pm
I've spent some time saving actions since they make my life easier! I always find that I get colouring and fall in love with it, then forget how I got it and sometimes can't ever quite get it again. I am no Photoshop expert, so I just played around with it a while back and figured out actions. They're wonderful! I save a lot of the colouring I end up liking and then just press play :) Well, then I got to thinking, maybe I'd share those actions to make life easier for anyone who feels like using this particular set. The nice part is, you can go back and edit the layers and kind of customize them so they're not carbon copy. The important thing is to remember that each action will make a totally different result depending on the image. You kind of have to pick images that work with the action. But it's easy once you've figured out that part.

22 June 2007 @ 01:17 pm
So, I decided maybe this will help me out a little considering I'm stumped on what I want. This is regarding the The Chemistry of Chance and It's Just A Kiss. In prep for tomorrow ;)

I've got to decide on a direction for Kiss and a few other things for Chemistry. I've got snippets from the work I've done so far, so if you're curious feel free to read on.


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22 June 2007 @ 09:39 am
[34] Contest Icons
[18] Kate Sutton (www.sleepycow.com)
[57] Kurt Halsey
[30] Stock


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