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Circular Light Textures

I've had a few ask where I got the texture for the getaway car icon. I got this texture from silverlilian  at graphic_sl , but she has deleted her graphic journal. Anyway, I got an idea. I thought I'd make a few of my own, since they seem to be needed, so I gave it a shot. I'm not sure they're as good, but they create that kind of effect. So I hope they will be useful!

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I was bored the other day and took a ton of pictures around my house, as well as a couple of the horses! And one of the puppy ;) There are also some pictures from Old Folsom, California. We were supposed to go to the prison (the one Johnny Cash sang about) museum, but didn't :( I was just there a bit ago to go to Sacramento.  There are some pretty stocks in Folsom!

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