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I'm alive?

Seems so. And I came home from vacation with a craving for icons, writing, and journaling. Oh, not to mention designing. How's the new header image look? I tossed it together to give this thing a face lift for my return. Hubby is home from Iraq, and I want my life back :) Then again, he's in the field this week so I've been a bit lonely.

Icons: Those will be up soon. I'm working on a set I think are pretty fun.

Fanfiction: I posted a short ending to Entangled Souls. I was so finished with that story and not in the mood to revamp it or simply leave it hanging. Its days are through. On the upside, I posted a new story yesterday! I have had half of this story saved for two months, and I got in the mood to finish it this week. It's a slightly AU Tseng x Tifa... not sure where that pairing idea came from, but I wanted a challenge. Read The Chemistry of Chance. Thoughts?

Books: I just finished off Deadly Decisions by Kathy Reichs. Oh my. I can never give enough praise to her work. She is amazing, and I love every minute of Tempe Brennan and all the adventures she manages to get herself into. Mostly I love that the stories are so real and so touching. Her passion for giving the dead a name and sharing their story is wonderful. Now it's on to Grave Secrets.

So... speaking of fanfiction, I have to vent my frustration. I received plenty of alerts from ff.net and assumed they were working just fine. But what happens when I decide to post? They don't work. Of freaking course. It bothers me because several of my readers have alerts, but now they may not even know that the story has been posted... which means there have been very few hits as compared to my normal hits. It just irks me that this happens right when I come back. I want to share the stories, not have them sit unread. I don't know, maybe I'm being ridiculous. Maybe Chance isn't that great and that's the deal... but I'd feel better if the alerts had gone out.

Anyone else hate that as much as I do?
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