May 19th, 2007


Random TV & Movies

Has anyone else noticed the sudden influx of really good movies? Seems like there are more and more releases and all really popular or interesting/funny-looking. Pirates of the Carribean, Spiderman 3, Delta Farce (I love Larry... so I just want to see it for the humor), Hot Fuzz, Shrek 3, and Lucky You. Any thoughts on those, or others that are out or coming soon?

And it's getting to be summer :( that happens and all the shows I watch go away. At least I will still have General Hospital, but House is ending as did CSI, Bones, 24, and most everything else. And how about those final eposides? CSI was... stunning. Bones was really exciting too. I'm, of course, rooting for Booth and Brennan, as anyone can tell by my fanfiction archive. But CSI was a shocker. Can't wait to see the last House episodes, but I don't want it to go away for months. I wish shows were year round like GH :) I won't be watching TV until fall!

Only one more episode of The Bachelor, too! lol -- It was so entertaining. I love Tessa and hate Bevin, so how interesting that those are the final two. I hear rumors, but I am not sure who he will choose. I hope it is Tessa!! She's very pretty and interesting. Anyone else watching?
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