April 19th, 2007


I'm alive?

Seems so. And I came home from vacation with a craving for icons, writing, and journaling. Oh, not to mention designing. How's the new header image look? I tossed it together to give this thing a face lift for my return. Hubby is home from Iraq, and I want my life back :) Then again, he's in the field this week so I've been a bit lonely.

Icons: Those will be up soon. I'm working on a set I think are pretty fun.

Fanfiction: I posted a short ending to Entangled Souls. I was so finished with that story and not in the mood to revamp it or simply leave it hanging. Its days are through. On the upside, I posted a new story yesterday! I have had half of this story saved for two months, and I got in the mood to finish it this week. It's a slightly AU Tseng x Tifa... not sure where that pairing idea came from, but I wanted a challenge. Read The Chemistry of Chance. Thoughts?

Books: I just finished off Deadly Decisions by Kathy Reichs. Oh my. I can never give enough praise to her work. She is amazing, and I love every minute of Tempe Brennan and all the adventures she manages to get herself into. Mostly I love that the stories are so real and so touching. Her passion for giving the dead a name and sharing their story is wonderful. Now it's on to Grave Secrets.

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