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I thought this was such a cool idea. I totally stole it, though :) First saw it done by kimouski  .


I published my first story on ff.net in May of 2006 as Randi Lynne. I had been writing a lot prior to that, but I hadn't known about a site where one could post fan fiction works for others to read and review. Initially, I wanted to know if I was any good. I knew I had a long way to go, but the process has really helped me learn quite a bit.

The first story I published was a FFVII RenoxTifa humor/romance called A Little Competition. The writing was full of description, but not in a good way -- pretty much weighed down with it. The premise wasn't that great, but I had to start somewhere! Since, I've learned a lot more and have been forming a better style. However, I feel I will continue to grow and change as I spread my wings. I have been working on some better, more developed ideas lately with a lot more to come.

My first review was from Hello-blondie. I was so surprised to see it, and I immediately loved the review factor! Still do ;)

2006-05-11 | ch 1,
Wow...This is really good!! I love it! I really can't wait for the next chapter! So please update soon!


The curiosity. I am very curious by nature and I also like to know what people think of things that I work with. This was perfect for me. Not only could I share the work I'd done and find out what people thought of it, but I had the chance to improve through concrit and the help of some very awesome authors. Despite some rough beginnings, I'd like to think that my experiences on ff.net are leading me to become a better writer. I've also had a lot of fun getting to know the other authors and have had very enjoyable chats with them! And if you promise not to tell.... I was a complete RP nerd! I used to role play FFVII and FFVIII in various AOL chats. That was what really got me started on fan fiction. My husband finds that completely amusing! I used to sit around until all hours role playing various characters with others.


Much has changed, including my pen name which I turned to Sixth Night in honor of the night my husband came home from Iraq. Instead of one story, I have 15. Some are one-shots, some are multi-chapter. Some are finished, some may never be. I've written FFVII, Bones, and General Hospital. I've spread my wings quite a bit, but I've not yet taken flight. I still have a ways to go, but I think I'm getting there faster through reviews and chats with others. Perhaps the greatest achievement for me is that I have been reviewed by some of the authors I practically stalked before I began publishing things. These are authors I admire and having their input on my stories means the world to me. But don't feel as if that means I don't appreciate all the reviews I've been given. Believe me, I love each one because it means someone read and enjoyed something I worked on. Something I more than likely put a lot of care and imagination into. I love writing and publishing on ff.net and while it isn't always sunshine, it is definitely one of my favorite net hobbies aside from making icons!


15 Stories in 3 fandoms
10 WIPs
3 one-shots
1 discontinued
1 deleted (ElenaxVincent that was too far gone to be fixed. I have a new idea for that one, and will start fresh.)

I am on the favorites list of 47 members.
I am on the author alert list of 40 members.
I have submitted a total of 87 signed reviews to others.

Total words archived : 174,011 words.
Avg. number of words per entry : 10,876.
Numbers of hits to your profile page : 4899.

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