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Fiction, fiction, fiction.

So, I decided maybe this will help me out a little considering I'm stumped on what I want. This is regarding the The Chemistry of Chance and It's Just A Kiss. In prep for tomorrow ;)

I've got to decide on a direction for Kiss and a few other things for Chemistry. I've got snippets from the work I've done so far, so if you're curious feel free to read on.

Here's a short from the beginning of chapter two. I got stuck at the end of this scene and I'll explain why.


It could be said that there are some schemes that just shouldn’t be hatched. That never crossed Tifa’s mind when Barret came home to tell her quite the interesting story.

She’d just finished closing down by the time he got back. He brought a cold draft in with him, and Tifa rubbed her arms to fight the chill. It wasn’t the cold that grabbed her attention, though. It was the look on his face as he walked to the counter.

“Everything all right, Barret?”

He slumped heavily into a chair, “’Course, Tifa. Everything’s fine.”

Tifa tossed an old dish rag into the sink and dried her hands on her jeans. She leaned against the counter and offered a warm smile. “Are you sure?”

She could see through his words. She’d known him so long that she felt sometimes she knew him better than she knew herself. Her inquisitive, puppy-eyes would break through his walls, they always did.

“I’m just confused about some things, Teef.”

“Things, hm? Well, that narrows it down.”

“I suppose you’ll get it out of me sometime, so I might as well just ‘fess up.”

She couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re getting good at this!”

“You never give up; I usually don’t have a choice.”

“Oh, that’s not true.” She mocked a frown. “You wouldn’t tell me if you really didn’t want to.”

He said nothing, because she was right. They shared many things, even if there was a bit of an act before those things were shared. She chalked it up to stubbornness.

“Elena was actin’ strange the whole walk to her condo.”

“Strange like how?”


“She probably couldn’t walk straight.”

“That’s what I thought at first. Then, when we got to her place, she gets on her tiptoes for no reason and just kisses me.”

And it was on the table. The most unexpected thing Barret could have said. Tifa had never pegged Elena for any type but Tseng. Then again, there was quite a bit of alcohol in her system. But then again, she had time to walk it off. Tifa decided then that she’d get to the bottom of it. Her silence seemed to make him self-conscious.


“Barret… not because of anything aside from the fact that she… well, I didn’t see it coming.”

“You think you didn’t see it coming. Hell, I didn’t see it coming in the next era. Not that I’ve spent time thinkin’ about it. But it’s just a kiss, right? Too much alcohol, and there it is. She probably won’t even remember it tomorrow.”

Tifa nearly blurted, “We’ll see about that” but opted for a safer route. One that wouldn’t give away her plans. “I don’t think a girl could kiss you and forget about it.”

“A girl like Elena might.”

“Don’t tell me you think you’re not good enough.”

“Teef, I’m practically an old man.”

“Oh, bull. You’re barely thirty eight.”

“And she’s gotta be at least ten years younger.”

“So? It wouldn’t be the first time an age gap existed between two people.”


I stopped there because I started to realize ... maybe Tifa wouldn't be quite so adamant? Would she be this pushy or excited? Does that seem like her? I'm torn on that. I also wonder if it isn't better for her to have this conversation with Elena. And how many really want to see a relationship come out of this? Is it more fun if it just disolves and maybe some other things come of it?

Now onto Chemistry. I haven't written anything that I want to share yet, but I do have some ideas I wonder about. Would it be better for the two of them to slowly become friends and then eventually discover interest in eachother? Or is it more fun if they accidentally end up in situations that make them realize more quickly? I don't want to lose anyone.. but I also don't want to rush or be unrealistic. That's all I have for that, so far, because I don't want to really reveal how I'd make those two scenarios work :)

Any input would be appreciated!

and does it have to be so bloody hot in California? I'm miserable in here. Outside is even worse! It's 90 in our upstairs room and the air is worthless because our illegal aliens (about 200 swallows) have made their nests and pooped all over it so we get sick if we turn it on. It needs to be opened and cleaned out.... which no one wants to do. I should just go get a mask and do it, but it's more fun to complain ;)

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